Liberty Gardens, Rome, NY

A comprehensive redevelopment of existing 180-unit, state public housing through three separate projects that include substantial rehabilitation and new construction.

DAP Role: Contracted Project Manager responsibilities to the Rome Housing Authority including master plan development, developer selection process administration, conceptual design, design and construction document review, financial consultation, and owner’s construction administration (Phase I and II).

At the inception of the redevelopment planning, well-built housing structures were functionally obsolescent and deteriorating. A rising water table caused increasing surface water retention on a site that also lacked private outdoor spaces and convenient parking. The style of the apartments, easily identified as public housing, was inconsistent with the surrounding neighborhood and therefore viewed as an eyesore by neighbors and a drag on values in a very weak market neighborhood.

The redevelopment included the reuse of all of the existing structures (which were reconfigured into larger and therefore fewer units), construction of new units (to maintain the initial unit count thereby avoiding displacement), creating convenient interstitial parking, construction of play areas for young children, defining private yards, and construction of a new community center. The project design provides integration into the neighborhood through variation in facades, larger porches, and the incorporation of new construction. Relocation was accomplished primarily onsite allowing students to remain in the local school and participate in child and youth development program as well as minimize expenses. Families that would be over-income for the new development were housed locally with many achieving homeownership.

Liberty Gardens Phase I: This project consists of 78 units. It includes the renovation of three existing buildings and construction of four new buildings. Funding includes 9% LIHTC, NYS Housing Trust Funds, NYS Modernization Funds, FHLBNY-AHP and Project-based Section 8. Completed 2012.

Liberty Gardens Phase II: Consists of 50 units. It includes the redevelopment of three existing buildings and the construction of senior cottages in two new structures. Funding includes 9% LIHTC, HOME, NYS Modernization Funds, and Project-based Section 8. Completed 2014.

Liberty Gardens Phase III: This project consists of 52 units and construction of the Edwin M. Corr Community Center (named for a Rome Housing Authority Commissioner with over 50 years of service). The project includes substantial renovation of two existing buildings and construction of three new duplexes. Funding includes 9% LIHTC, NYS Housing Trust Funds, NYS Modernization Funds, and RAD (secured after federalization of the units). Completed 2015.